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Five Tips For A Great Animation Portfolio That Gets You The Job

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Your animation portfolio is a representation of your creative competence. It outlines your potential to prospective employers or clients. A typical animation recruitment process goes beyond submitting a cover letter and a résumé. A good portfolio can help communicate just how valuable, talented and creative you really are.

Here are five tips to guide you in creating a great animation portfolio.

Your portfolio should contain your best work.

You need to select a variety of works and pick the best, advisably your most current creative pieces. Don’t include multiple images of the same project. Mix it up to show that you’ve got a diverse skill set.

Show the most visually appealing first

Don’t take the risk of reserving your most visually appealing work for the last pages. Rather, position them at the forefront because you can’t be sure that people will view your portfolio to the end.

Keep it short

Research reveals that the viewership span of most videos is about 60 seconds. Hence, it is advisable to keep your portfolio short to encourage viewers stick through to the end.

Update your portfolio from time to time

An outdated portfolio may not bring any opportunity your way. Many clients will not employ you only based on the work you have done years back. They also want to see your recent work. This would serve as an evidence that you have been sharpening your creative skill.

Upload your portfolio across online platforms

Upload your portfolio across multiple online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You may also create a website dedicated to showcasing your creative competence. With the emergence of the world wide web, the world has been reduced to a global village. This makes it possible for your work to have a wider reach, enabling you to connect with potential clients, employers and followers.

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