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Quadron Animation Symposium

Are you an artist? Or a computer geek? Or a performer? Do you want to know how Animation contributed to movies like Avengers' Infinity War, Fast and Furious, and Titanic? Do you know that future technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality rest heavily on animation pipelines? Come over to the Quadron Animation Symposium to see how the skills of today connect to the opportunities of tomorrow!

The Quadron Studios’ Animation symposium will focus on Animation and the many possibilities of the art form in relation to new technologies in human-computer interaction such as Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. The event is for anyone interested in digital artistry and tech.

Being part of the symposium will give you insight into what is obtainable in the Nigerian Animation, VR and AR space. Our speakers will stress the importance of honing digital skills for local relevance and global competitiveness.

Some of the major highlights of the symposium are: interactive session with the facilitators, networking, VR experience etc.

Attendance is free!

For more information, please call

+234 909 156 0814

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