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Quadron Academy

Turn your passion into a career with our comprehensive training program in Animation, Visual Effects for film, and Spatial Computing. This program begins on the 20th of April 2024 and is designed to take you from novice to industry-ready in three months. Each course is broken down into 3 modules running for 1 month apiece. 


Registration Process: 

Cost/ Module - N 150,000

Make payment to  GTBank Account 0373666868


Send email to for enrollment after payment and we'll get you onboarded.

Character Animation Bootcamp

Launching your career in animation starts here! Our 3-month program equips you with the essential skills for character animation. There is a need for character animators across the world today. This course is designed to make YOU the answer to that need.

Check out these 4-week modules - 

Module 1 - Basics of 3D animation

Module 2 - Body Mechanics

Module 3 - Character Acting/ performance

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Spatial Computing  Bootcamp

Prepare for the future of immersive computing with our Extended Reality (XR) development course! This comprehensive program, spanning 3 modules, equips you with the skills to build Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) experiences across devices like Meta Quest, HoloLens, and Apple Vision Pro.


Dive into 3D and experiential design, navigate AR/VR level creation and interactions, and ultimately build your own app, all powered by Unreal Engine and the Oculus Quest. Gain the transferable skills needed to thrive in the rapidly-evolving world of XR.

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Motion Graphics for Civil Engineers

To give civil engineers the tools and skills they communicate the technical information associated with road construction projects with non-expert stakeholders  in an engaging and easily digestible form through the use of motion graphics. 

Course Duration: 4 weeks. 

Week 1 - Introduction to Motion Graphics and Highway Corridor Mapping

Week 2 - Software fundamentals and data preparation

Week 3 - Integrating and Animating CAD drawings

Week 4 - Refining and Exporting the Highway Corridor Visualizations

Course fee: N100,000
Early Bird Discount: 40%

Pay course fee into:
GTBank Account: 0373666868
Quadron Studio Limited
Send proof of payment to to complete registration.

Visual Effects  Bootcamp

Launching your career in visual effects starts here! Our 3-month program equips you with the essential skills to create magic on big and small screens. Nollywood is growing, and this comes with increased demand for technical artists who can be relied upon to deliver believable effects. This course is focused on just that. Take a look at some of what we'll cover: 


  • Layering and Compositing Techniques

  • Green screen removal techniques for clean plates

  • Integrating CG elements

  • Motion TrackingCreating realistic backgrounds and environments

   ... and so much more! 

Quadron Animation Symposium
Quadron Animation Symposium Pics 3.jpg
Quadron Studios Animation Masterclass
Intro to 3d animation class

Get in Touch with Quadron Academy

Thanks for registering we would notify you on when next we have a training program

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