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Budgeting: The Hidden Key to Animation Success

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Budgeting for Animation

Developing the budget for your animated film or series is a complex, yet critical process. Do it right from day one and you empower creativity. Do it wrong and your entire project risks falling apart.

The key is striking the delicate balance between allocating enough resources to allow your animation team to produce quality work, while keeping overall costs reigned in. Here are three animation producer best practices to guide your planning:

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Research industry standard rates for each production role and animation technique used. Budget too little and you won’t attract the talent you need.

Account for Everything

Build detailed lists of every scene and required assets. Account for everything, from character models to music licensing. Unexpected costs sink projects.

"Young filmmakers really don't have the money to have someone do a budget for them. A lot of stuff you've just gotta learn on your own"

- Spike Lee


Pad key lines like voice acting and animation with 10-20% contingencies for unavoidable scope increases. Creativity can’t happen without flexibility.

By investing time upfront in thoughtful budgeting, you free yourself to focus on collaborating with your animation partners and bringing your creative vision to life. Looking to create an short film, animated series or feature? Send us an email at and let's get your project going. Do you agree with our thoughts about budgeting for animation production? Would like to add some of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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